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I'll really be OFF. [Dec. 20th, 2007|03:21 pm]
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Melson DGD    so what are you guys doing next week?  do you have the week off?
Kevin dgd    starting tomorrow, I'm off until the 7th
Kevin dgd    SO off.
Melson DGD    wow
Melson DGD    you suck.  =P
Kevin dgd    like so totally off that work will actually be UNDONE while I'm away
Melson DGD    LOL
Melson DGD    that's the holy grail of vacation
Melson DGD    i'm taking the whole month of october off next year
Kevin dgd    Stars will spin off into the void as the universe recoils from the echoing shockwave of my disassociation.
Melson DGD    lol
Kevin dgd    and I may eat some PIE.

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