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I found this IM archive... [Sep. 26th, 2007|03:43 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]

Kevin dgd: Box text for the future DGD release of LettucePRO:

Follow the path of one of the world's most exciting vegetables, the lettuce, from seed to salad dish!

Till your soil into perfect rows and plant the seeds of FUN as you fertilize and weed your way to glory!

Employ over 12 types of farming equipment ranging from the lowly hand spade to the massive and disorderly IMMIGRANT WORKFORCE!

Get your hands dirty with our patent-pending SOILSIM technology that renders vast acres of soil, to a scale depth of 400 feet, as
individual particles with realistic viscosity, friction and brown!

Play online in hectic Head-2-Head mode: sort varieties of lettuce into Ultrabins before your opponent.

Play for speed, accuracy or go the distance in the Time Trial!

LettucePRO delivers unparalleled realism where other lettuce related simulations fail.

Join the harvest today!

gillian@work: an expansion where you can alter the genes of your lettuce to provide more shelf stability and a more uniform presentation

Kevin dgd: ooh the xpac could be sponsored by Monsanto

gillian@work: yah!

Kevin dgd:  * from the makers of RadishBEET: The Veggie Rhythm Game