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A snippet of conversation [Jun. 27th, 2007|01:31 pm]
Melson DGD he said he left some roach traps under the counter just to be safe
Melson DGD but aside from looking through my couch (for loose change, i think), that was about all they did
Kevin dgd ha
Kevin dgd did he tie tiny snares under the counter?
Melson DGD little boxes held up by little Y-shaped sticks with string tied to a piece of cheese.
Kevin dgd tiny bear traps arranged in a six-pack configuration
Melson DGD haha
Melson DGD he drilled tiny holes i in the counter tops, put a nail in the bottom, and covered them with tea leaves.
Kevin dgd tiny claymore mines: "This side toward roaches"
Melson DGD piles of matches placed up high, with a tripwire down below, a la the Ewoks.
Kevin dgd or the toothpicks-on-pendulum smashers
Melson DGD he put a piece of paper towel roll with one end blocked off. when the roach goes in, he triggers a marble rolling in from the other side, crushing him
Melson DGD he actually just put some matchbox cars down there, along with a bunch of beer, hoping they'll get drunk and try to drive home, killing themselves and any other nearby roaches.
Kevin dgd a little diorama of a reading room with a fireplace inside a victorian home with a tiny plush chair and brandy snifter. One then places a spider wearing a velour smoking jacket and a monocle into the chair with the world's smallest volume of E.A. Poe
Kevin dgd I guarantee no roaches in 2 days
Melson DGD lol

[User Picture]From: tastybrains
2007-06-27 05:38 pm (UTC)
I know someone who will murder the roaches...little cement shoes and all.
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